Privacy Policy

What is Twitter's new privacy policy?
Under the new privacy policy, Twitter will share the users' data and its activity with the advertiser and this data will be used for marketing. For example, if you go to a website or webpage, Twitter will store this data. In other words, Twitter will track you. Although Twitter is still storing users' data for 10 days, from June 18, it will store the data for 30 days. For more information visit our website link

Micro-blogging site Twitter has made significant changes in its privacy policy. After the new update, Twitter will monitor each of your actions and collect your data. This data will later be shared with advertisers which will be used in marketing. Twitter's new privacy policy is coming into effect from June 18, although Twitter has also given users the option to change their privacy. To know more visit the link

Twitter decided to increase its profits through advertising
Actually, Twitter has suffered a lot in recent times. The news was even that Twitter was on sale, but it did not happen. Twitter is adopting an advertising approach of Facebook and Google to increase revenue. That is, Twitter will also earn money by showing you ads, so now it will monitor the activity of users.

Change your privacy like this
If you are also a Twitter user, you can change your privacy settings. For this go to the privacy setting in Settings. From that go to Personalization and Data. Now you will get the option to disable all personalization and data settings at the top of that page. From here you can change your settings. In settings Badwal will have to be done on both app and web.To know more visit our link